Ruby and Leroy's FIRST EVER Side By Side SEVEN SECOND PASS!!! (emotional bald eagles)

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Cleetus McFarland

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Cleetus and Cars is ALWAYS a good time! Here's some drag racing from our first C&C of 2021!
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Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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Ryan's Music&Motors
Ryan's Music&Motors 13 päivää sitten
I am coming to cleetus and cars in indy this weekend! I've been waiting so long for you to bring an event up my way ol cleeter! I will be there and im bringing my 4th gen lt1 camaro to take down the track too. Can't wait to meet yall!!
gdjobufckngfruitcake 14 päivää sitten
James’ visor came down almost as if the Nova was saying ‘hey you should probably be wearing this’ 😂😂
Jimmy Fuchstein
Jimmy Fuchstein 14 päivää sitten
was that bam at the end ?
LJ FLAMEZ 15 päivää sitten
Put James Nova on the Dyno
wheeliedart 15 päivää sitten
Look I'm fucking insane I can ride wheelies around corners in the rain and I just learned how to ride a motorcycle a couple years ago I wish you would let me come and help you guys
todd schindler
todd schindler 16 päivää sitten
so awesome to see everyone there, and matt showing up....EPIC!!
Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones 17 päivää sitten
Great friendly competition 🤘🏻
Jay Gorto
Jay Gorto 18 päivää sitten
Nova tho
Julian Lewis
Julian Lewis 20 päivää sitten
Watching this video after jackstand pulled the valve cover off it’s clear that it was down a cylinder
madaxe79 23 päivää sitten
Dude... demo ranch!!!! Awesome
Lusty Wench
Lusty Wench 24 päivää sitten
Jesus Christ James has some balls. 11:58
Eastsidegeorgiaboy 24 päivää sitten
R.I.P. Tractor flap Ruby!
David pineda
David pineda 24 päivää sitten
Why is no one WEARING MASKS? Did they all get the VACCINE?
Greg Dunn
Greg Dunn 25 päivää sitten
I ran into Cleetus and the crew eating dinner at saltgrass steak house in Baytown. I was kinda nervous to go up to them and especially because I had a few drinks and was a little nervous, lost my father a month prior so pretty emotional all together honestly. I said “hey guys what’s up I love your channel and sorry if I’m bothering you at dinner but I couldn’t just not say anything” (I’ve been a sub for a couple years now) as soon as I say that Garret says “dude you’re not bothering us thanks for supporting us and 1320 video” (I had a 1320 hoodie on). Just wanted to say these guys were so damn nice and I’m sure they constantly are having people who come up to them and I’m sure it gets annoying. Just wanted to give these guys credit for how down to earth they really are and how great full they are for their fans. Garrett, James and justin super super nice guys. Hope to see you guys at another event here soon and thanks for making my day every time you have an upload.
Idontdrinkwater 27 päivää sitten
Wait a minute give Leroy some body panels
Fuel and Freedom
Fuel and Freedom 27 päivää sitten
Jack stand Jimmy aka The Tree Master
Martin Perlhofer
Martin Perlhofer 28 päivää sitten
@12:30 the look on james face "oh no, here we go again" :( feel bad for him
Brewster Harrington
Brewster Harrington 28 päivää sitten
I can die a happy man now I've seen you both run shotgun 7's
Jamie Moore
Jamie Moore 29 päivää sitten
It's crazy Leroy ran that on 7 cylinders!
WahidTrynaHeghugh 29 päivää sitten
Don’t care that Ruby is faster, Leroy is cooler.
CapN Cook
CapN Cook 29 päivää sitten
4:08 those red things, are carcase maggots, you want to get rid of those man :p
Be H
Be H 29 päivää sitten
dude this made me emotional. this is what you call a come up. i feel like not just you guys but us fans have been waiting for this moment just as much. big props james & cleetus, the ones behind the scenes
Zachary Prosper
Zachary Prosper 29 päivää sitten
Hell yeah brother
Jason Rivera
Jason Rivera 29 päivää sitten
You See that guys get scared after James reved his nova lol 😂
Cornfedz33 29 päivää sitten
Wheelie bars, that would solve all your problems, duh, common sense guys
Demz Studio
Demz Studio 27 päivää sitten
@Cornfedz33 still looks stupid
Cornfedz33 27 päivää sitten
@Demz Studio they make wheelie bars removable, plus there are some street car race cars with wheelie bars out there.
Demz Studio
Demz Studio 28 päivää sitten
stock looking cars... that's the problem, wheelie bars look stupid, defeat the road worthy aspect of a race car.
popsicle33 Uukausi sitten
Leroy was lazy off the line
Kanker driewieler
Kanker driewieler Uukausi sitten
you know what they do to stop tracktors from doing wheelies no wel they put weights in front of the front axle
leaked night
leaked night Uukausi sitten
911 Operator: 9-1-1: How may I help Someone down the road: Yes I hear gunshots down the road 911 Operator: What does it sound like? Person: 7:44
Zach Attack2016
Zach Attack2016 Uukausi sitten
On todays episode of Cleetus Cooks..
Brandon Stoller
Brandon Stoller Uukausi sitten
Time to shoot for 6s with leroy stick shift. lol
Azza Hunting
Azza Hunting Uukausi sitten
Pay Mya
Pay Mya Uukausi sitten
On the other side of FIpost pond, boosted boiz cant even 2 step without blowing up
WahidTrynaHeghugh 29 päivää sitten
Yeah it’s pretty lame
Aaron Shensky
Aaron Shensky Uukausi sitten
Pure entertainment. Smile ear to ear
Ethan Uukausi sitten
I love how Ruby’s “hood” is still on.
Y_Not Flaco
Y_Not Flaco Uukausi sitten
5:30 when jack stand revs the nova and scared the big guy! Lol!! I can’t stop rewinding and laughing!
olivierdube91 Uukausi sitten
Damn, anyone know where i can get this (03:15) superclean hat ? love it !!!!
Bad Gas Video
Bad Gas Video Uukausi sitten
Awesome turnout
Harrison Even
Harrison Even Uukausi sitten
James with that high fade
Švico Zoro
Švico Zoro Uukausi sitten
Loyality&Respekt from swizerland! ✌-out !
Bando Uukausi sitten
Why you pull the chute so early? Still at full throttle and before the finish line?
Eric Loftus
Eric Loftus Uukausi sitten
I've hated Leroy since day one. This made me happy. Cleeter, that Powerglide is all you need.
t_s Uukausi sitten
Ol’ James ‘fireproof thumbs’ Taal.
Kyle Paluzzi
Kyle Paluzzi Uukausi sitten
i love leroy but ruby needs another turbo and a refurb on engine and she will be queen!!
ben napier
ben napier Uukausi sitten
Ruby is the best thing cleetus has ever bought
caelan sprouse
caelan sprouse Uukausi sitten
Ruby out here trying to be the baby face of the channel
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley Uukausi sitten
Grumpy Troll-1
Grumpy Troll-1 Uukausi sitten
I have a question Cleetus is Leroy and Ruby still street legal in Florida with no cat and muffler or all the smog crap by the way love your videos. Thanks Grumpy
froggers garage
froggers garage Uukausi sitten
Where are the "Fire me up" shirts at
Mr Rustler
Mr Rustler Uukausi sitten
11:55 holy cow Jackstand! let's gooooooo!
Limitless Auto Media
Limitless Auto Media Uukausi sitten
In soooo far behind. Everything is new to me! School as overtaken my life and haven't been able to watch your channel. I need to get up to speed.
Matty Dubya
Matty Dubya Uukausi sitten
Why don't any of the boys run wheelie bars?
Mark Deighton
Mark Deighton Uukausi sitten
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds Uukausi sitten
ahhh and a big Buenos Dias to the girl at 1:50. 😅🤣
phartattack Uukausi sitten
Two One Se7en
Two One Se7en Uukausi sitten
If the moments that follow 17:26 don’t give you goosebumps, are you even alive? Damn. Electric.
Nestor Rivera
Nestor Rivera Uukausi sitten
Why does james look like tom hank's in saving private ryan
Chris Elliott
Chris Elliott Uukausi sitten
2 words: wheely bars
Eyebrows Mahoney
Eyebrows Mahoney Uukausi sitten
13:57 "This is a hood per the rules #streetcar" - I'm dying here!
D Omega
D Omega Uukausi sitten
Leroy is faster. The turbos are worn out. Cleeter has to put on some better ones so Leroy can give us a real show!!!
tunercars3 Uukausi sitten
shame your brother trashed the fox body
Todd King
Todd King Uukausi sitten
14:55 You have a nice lift in the car hauler why work on the ground?
Scott Thorpe
Scott Thorpe Uukausi sitten
Cheers to the boys
J T Uukausi sitten
I saw a Blackstone infomercial last night. They make pits and all sorts of outdoor cooking essentials. Lol..
Sisekelo Duma
Sisekelo Duma Uukausi sitten
Godaaaamn Ruby!!! Atta Girl!!!
Cold Uukausi sitten
isnt he with covid not aloud to do this i mean its still so cool but?
Professionally Irresponsible
Professionally Irresponsible Uukausi sitten
James shaved 10yrs of his face.
LEGND KILLCAMZ Uukausi sitten
Sheesh James is talking all that smack
Ronnie T
Ronnie T Uukausi sitten
Everyone needs a best friend like James
AudibleVisible Uukausi sitten
I always think man Leroy should be faster than ruby..then a remember it's a stick car with no shell lmao
AudibleVisible Uukausi sitten
So awesome seeing ruby and Leroy run side by side sevens
tylerpayne07 Uukausi sitten
James' steering wheel only looks so good BECAUSE RUBY NEEDS HERS FIXED!!!
michael schulz
michael schulz Uukausi sitten
El Chromino... Wheel tramp here we come!
Slap-Ahoe Texas
Slap-Ahoe Texas Uukausi sitten
Coolest effing thing I've ever seen.
Erek from Minnesota
Erek from Minnesota Uukausi sitten
nice wheelie holy sht
davin reeves
davin reeves Uukausi sitten
Nice bro!
Tattoo Junkie
Tattoo Junkie Uukausi sitten
Hope Leroy doesn't get retired when the elco comes
Thrilling OutdoorsTV
Thrilling OutdoorsTV Uukausi sitten
Would love to go to one of these . Can you please have one down south texas . I live in brownsville Texas please .
NIFLHEIM Uukausi sitten
An airial view of leroy and ruby's run would be awesome!
Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers Uukausi sitten
Good set of wheelie bars I see James in the 6’s
Tim Irion
Tim Irion Uukausi sitten
Awesome thats all there is to say
Robert Sierra
Robert Sierra Uukausi sitten
Where has cooper been?
Thomas Wilkes
Thomas Wilkes Uukausi sitten
Race the hoonicorn ? For DALE
Nathan Atkisson
Nathan Atkisson Uukausi sitten
I like jackstands new hair cut
StutterPunk Uukausi sitten
The el chromino Is my favorite sounding v8
ken blank
ken blank Uukausi sitten
double tapped ouch
satguy27 Uukausi sitten
Just imagine if Leroy wasn't hurt lol
John Saenz
John Saenz Uukausi sitten
Honestly wished the cooking part lasted longer! lol I cant be the only one
J W Uukausi sitten
7 seconds in 22 minutes. Get it leroy
Kenneth Dispain
Kenneth Dispain Uukausi sitten
Hell yeah brother
Joseph Jaynes
Joseph Jaynes Uukausi sitten
Seeing ruby and leeroy both run 7's side by side got me a little emotional
Noah Parenteau
Noah Parenteau Uukausi sitten
James talking smack before the race 10:40 ...... lets goo ruby
Conor Utterback
Conor Utterback Uukausi sitten
The next video suggested is the leroy wind tunnel video and I was thinking about how bad the aero is before I even saw
Kerry Dorsey
Kerry Dorsey Uukausi sitten
Leeroy’s wheels look sick! New roof, new wheels/tires...he’s stylin’!
Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez Uukausi sitten
This ones for the boys 4:23
Johannes Lang
Johannes Lang Uukausi sitten
Sorry guys but you need inspection guys inte pits stopping you from doing mechanic work in fire suits!
anthony gehman
anthony gehman Uukausi sitten
You could have powered a whole city with how electric the crowd was as they staged. Thats awesome
Adam202 Uukausi sitten
I love the reaction from James and Cleetus after they pulled their chutes....
Scott Mcgregor
Scott Mcgregor Uukausi sitten
Jeez man, u losing mph cause your pulling the shute 100ft before the finish!!!!
Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis Uukausi sitten
Jack stand you’re a true car guy, you stick your finger in the trans fluid then taste it. Lol it’s trans fluid.
StoneE Uukausi sitten
God dam somone take some boost outa james tune
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