TOAST'S 1,700hp Supercharged Big Block is ALMOST Ready to Fire! + Leroy Preps For His New Turbskies!

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Cleetus McFarland

27 päivää sitten

Toast and Leroy are about to be back with some serious FREEDOM! Can't wait to wrap them both up!
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Cleetus McFarland
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United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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TheJsgto 22 tuntia sitten
Seadoo reverse or steering cable for your throttle. I like it.
Dylan Rohrich
Dylan Rohrich 3 päivää sitten
ever heart of a water distiller?
ISMAEL RAVENLOCK 5 päivää sitten
Chris Kenner
Chris Kenner 10 päivää sitten
James is the MAN.
ApeX MoDs
ApeX MoDs 10 päivää sitten
Toast is such a badass 3rd gen
Mj 12 päivää sitten
7 seconds of full pull from a dig...blur it out but that's 120mph all day lol
dannyboyy1120 13 päivää sitten
BuILD A MOSter trucK
Christian Horn
Christian Horn 15 päivää sitten
U schould get an SBC Brake for this car... is way safer then a manual brake...
XxNightHawk77xX 18 päivää sitten
Ok, I know I’m a little late for this but if you guys took those Texas speed valve covers off Leroy and signed them. You could sell them separately to viewers, I mean if you put them up for a bid I’d totally put 1,000 into one
Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo 20 päivää sitten
How does James remember all that stuff! Damn 😎
columbusracer 21 päivä sitten
The pinkie when he picks up the valve spring out the box 😂 6:02
martin brideau
martin brideau 21 päivä sitten
If your gonna throw out the old leroys shoulders maybe instead cut em in small rings and give them with random orders as well
John Connor
John Connor 22 päivää sitten
Been wondering why Leroy still has street cooling system instead of the small light weight one James made.
Jonathan Collins
Jonathan Collins 22 päivää sitten
Dang I’ve always wanted a blower but that’s a lot of tuning points lol
Ed Burgers
Ed Burgers 22 päivää sitten
So, why put so many 180 degree fittings on the fuel system on toast??
Derrick Glenn
Derrick Glenn 22 päivää sitten
that be one nice pretty exhaust housing brother!!..... Brings out Jackstands true colors! 😆😆😆
Carl Maratta
Carl Maratta 23 päivää sitten
Exactly why I cant have a youtube channel. Cleet in lambo "golllllyyyy" Me in lambo "beep...beep beep beeeeep... beep beep" intro over
Pook Riley
Pook Riley 23 päivää sitten
Those welds were junk. Try harder!
promodracer 23 päivää sitten
Hat is no big deal. Close butterflies more will fatten it up. Add more air add more fuel. Can always put a smaller main jet bypassing less fuel will be fatter.
J. T .R
J. T .R 23 päivää sitten
My face when my prom is on may first and so is ceetus and cars 😔
DRIVE ventures
DRIVE ventures 23 päivää sitten
I was watching this video thinking, thats a ton of cars to keep up with, then i remembered.... I have 16 i have to work on personally on one property,and another 8 at my house...... No wonder my wife get's cranky when i say i have some projects to knock out....
DRIVE ventures
DRIVE ventures 23 päivää sitten
I did a small burnout in my 3rd gen camaro yesterday, i yad almost forgot how fast it smokes the car out.... Since my wife has claimed the car, i got some chewing on for that little stunt, we have to pay for our tires so...... Yep 😜
rob burdack
rob burdack 23 päivää sitten
1 v 1 with warbird ? ... warbird is a bird of prey ... it will eat toast like a aussie kid does vegemite on toast before school LOL
Matt Netko
Matt Netko 23 päivää sitten
I want to see toast rip the strip
Daniel Shue
Daniel Shue 23 päivää sitten
There were no bald eagles injured during this filming 🦅
Jason Grimes
Jason Grimes 24 päivää sitten
Can't believe this channel doesn't have 5m subs by now
Joel Francis
Joel Francis 24 päivää sitten
Blower life. Its where its at.
trm4life 24 päivää sitten
I'm really hoping to be able to see Toast perform in Indy!!! 😁 😄
HulluJanne 24 päivää sitten
For the exhaust, I would do dual upwards tilted exits in front and rear of the back tire. To get the smoke rising up and make a cool effect.
Alex Buckland
Alex Buckland 24 päivää sitten
You need to let Kevin loose on Leroy after he's finished on Mullet and let him give Leroy the 2.0 make over he needs and with the full KSR treatment Leroy should be pushing for record's come on Cleetus you know it makes sense
crs4tlc 24 päivää sitten
Put some big tires on toast, and see what it can do in the eighth
Andy Konetzke
Andy Konetzke 24 päivää sitten
I'm really hoping leeroy is in Indy
ken ensign
ken ensign 24 päivää sitten
looks like a lot of money to just roast two tires? Don't get it???????
Christopher Thompson
Christopher Thompson 24 päivää sitten
If you had toast running up to prop do you think you can outrun Ruby in a quarter
Runswithwind 24 päivää sitten
I’m glad James took Coops place. I felt like Coop was a Debbie downer!
Hunter Doucette
Hunter Doucette 24 päivää sitten
Heck yeah brotherrr😎
Bill Boeck
Bill Boeck 24 päivää sitten
Must be nice having all that money to just play with... ;) THANK GOD FOR FIpost..... ;(
DME EMD 24 päivää sitten
Man do I love those aerodyne three-blade injector hats!! When I worked on Top Fuel, they would actually grind out material from the inside of those, lol. As you guys are probably figured out, unless somebody else did it for you, fitting new butterfly blades into those is a BITCH.. the crew chief on the funny car I used to work on had what would equate to feeler gauges but was little half inch wide pieces of paper to do the adjustments, which is pretty genius when you think about it :-) All you guys need now is a drag car with a 14-71 on it. 😁🤘🏻🤘🏻
Mike Schwindt
Mike Schwindt 24 päivää sitten
chris p Bacon
chris p Bacon 24 päivää sitten
That mtn dew fridge is lookin low on the green cans!!!
The Architect
The Architect 24 päivää sitten
Was eating for the 3:16 speed Lamborghini section of he video? But loved it all anyway
Quaalude Nation
Quaalude Nation 24 päivää sitten
Aye man it’s cool and all to say it’s legendary hardware but being on video with that message about an endangered bird doesn’t sit right with me. Great video nonetheless
Richard Leek
Richard Leek 24 päivää sitten
Jack stand Jimmy fab shop lol
Phillip Thomas
Phillip Thomas 24 päivää sitten
Can you guys come to New England? I feel like you guys have a ton of followers in the north east
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 24 päivää sitten
Ordered myself a straw hat and the moment I open it I get the shit stung outta me by a wasp that was hiding in the box. Would have loved an og piece of Leroy instead lol
815 LSx Swaps
815 LSx Swaps 24 päivää sitten
We are coming to Indy!
wiZard 24 päivää sitten
Cleetus sending trash to fans 🤦🏻‍♂️
Austin Williams
Austin Williams 24 päivää sitten
8 into 1 headers! Much needed
Bryce Atkinson
Bryce Atkinson 24 päivää sitten
Put some body panels on Leroy and make a street promod
Mike Weaver
Mike Weaver 24 päivää sitten
Toast is sick! When are those jet boats getting finished up?!?!
Procat Procat
Procat Procat 24 päivää sitten
YOU WANT MORE WHEELIES OR LESS??? You're moving weight from the front to the back of the car. That should be an illegal activity for you guys, with a sentence of death. You should be chanting to the gods of weight distribution "Move it forward, move it forward, move it forward, move it forward". Ah well....
Procat Procat
Procat Procat 24 päivää sitten
I'm curious - Is anyone going to appreciate receiving some old broken bits of pipe? I'm not the sort of person who would buy a fan t-shirt so maybe I'm not the target audience. If you guys like bits of pipe, how about bits of broken cutting discs that have touched Leroy ... or a vile of old engine oil. The possibilities are endless!!
dalton jernagan
dalton jernagan 24 päivää sitten
#Indiana 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
SpikeRukal 24 päivää sitten
I believe the words you are looking for are "Liberal Tears"
Mini Barns
Mini Barns 24 päivää sitten
Lol, bald eagles are scavengers and fishers. I hope the valve springs are made of better stuff than brook trout bones
Indiana Hunters
Indiana Hunters 24 päivää sitten
Can’t wait to see everyone in Indy!!!!!!!!!!!
steven Chen
steven Chen 24 päivää sitten
Cleetus: Okay cool 🤓
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 24 päivää sitten
I was hoping Cleetus would respond to "Manual brakes or no brakes" So the big news we're going fully brakeless on Leroy, I know it's a controversial decision for such a fast car but I think we can get it done with just parachutes
Anthony Luchetti
Anthony Luchetti 25 päivää sitten
Love my Milwaukee tools but the 18v grinder is rubber I noticed the start of the video ty has one in his hands have you guys been through 20 of them yet or what?
Matthew Moe
Matthew Moe 25 päivää sitten
Cleeter gotta give James a camera again like old times!!!
Russell Flannery
Russell Flannery 25 päivää sitten
What’s goin on with bubble bee it’s looking dirty. Give it a run
420 420
420 420 25 päivää sitten
good shit @cleetus 👍👍
Jason Swift
Jason Swift 25 päivää sitten
Fact: the bald eagle is the smallest eagle on earth and only eats fish, its a glorified seagull, whereas the Australian wedge tailed eagle is the biggest in the world with a wing span up to 9'7" and preys on small to medium animals, rabbits, foxes, small wild goat, otehr birds, baby camels, kangaroos etc.
Holiday Customs
Holiday Customs 25 päivää sitten
The Target
The Target 25 päivää sitten
Texas Speed need to make a Flat plane Crank for an LS block, Would sound mad with a big turbski bolted on.
Austin Snell
Austin Snell 25 päivää sitten
Alotta dead eagles going into the creation of the ultimate eagle Leroy The Savage
kevin auman
kevin auman 25 päivää sitten
For future reference James or "Jackstand-Jimmy" you can buy gallons of distilled water from any grocery store bud they use it to feed babies and stuff like this gigantic baby you need it for hahaha
Tyler Shannon
Tyler Shannon 25 päivää sitten
What happened to cooper 😢😢
Erin boat guy
Erin boat guy 25 päivää sitten
Can we get some thumbs up for Kevin and all his beautiful hard work
Erin boat guy
Erin boat guy 25 päivää sitten
James.... you the Man !!!!
Erin boat guy
Erin boat guy 25 päivää sitten
Warbird has got to be going up in value after every one of these televised events
brandonlani 25 päivää sitten
Ordering again 🙌🏁🏁
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 25 päivää sitten
Drag race toast with some slicks
Eric Pruit
Eric Pruit 25 päivää sitten
She’s looking pretty good! May I suggest a battery relocation for Leroy?
Talsu 25 päivää sitten
1V1 battle... Does that mean James will get to drive Toast?
Joel Lawver
Joel Lawver 25 päivää sitten
Dude, I could weld your stuff sooooo much nicer...not that looks matter, as long as it serves it's purpose but pretty things are just that.
ARenaissanceishMan 25 päivää sitten
Why no tubular front end on Leroy?
Luke Amick
Luke Amick 25 päivää sitten
I think there was a blurry spot in your video lol 😂
cworl Pop
cworl Pop 25 päivää sitten
Mike Gyver
Mike Gyver 25 päivää sitten
Not sure how many Canadians order your merch. I know, though, that when i need a blast of freedom, I crack open that jar of Freedom Factory Asphalt and take a whiff!!
Jeremy Reaka
Jeremy Reaka 25 päivää sitten
Mixed with the tears of the rabbits and the beak of bald eagles... Can't stop laughing.. Ha ha.. Ho.. Ho.. Ha. Coughing coughing coughing......
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley 25 päivää sitten
cot998 25 päivää sitten
Roger Talley
Roger Talley 25 päivää sitten
Scotty Cannon gave me a piston and rod out of his LiL Red Pro Mod, Many years ago. I mounted it as a hood ornament on my 68 Ford Galaxie. My kids would lay down in the floor when I would take them to school in it. It was straight piped out between the front and rear doors on both sides of course. The kids called it the nanner boat cause it was yellow. You could blow the back tires off doing power brake burn outs. Hell yeah brother
Synchronizor 25 päivää sitten
5:49 This is why we have James do the tech explanations.
New Hobbys
New Hobbys 25 päivää sitten
You should sign the pieces of headers Cleet!
Moose magizle
Moose magizle 25 päivää sitten
Toast and war bird would be sick!!!!!!
Brandon Little
Brandon Little 25 päivää sitten
You need to reduce crankcase flow through the head. The head ports are to equalize pressure, not vent. The pressure comes from blowby in the block. By having the cylinder head ports that large, oil is pumped out too fast. Larger crankcase in the back of the car seems strange, and a great way to run out of oil. Look into a drysump, at this rate.
We_the_ppl 25 päivää sitten
It's crazy to think a wal mart battery powers that beast
Amit Singh
Amit Singh 25 päivää sitten
Great saying.
David Cates
David Cates 25 päivää sitten
So did you guys just like break killa bee?? Why have you not showed it start or move since you got it? And why not let James rip it in the next burnout comp?
JTK Performance
JTK Performance 25 päivää sitten
Hell yeah brother
Elizabeth Reed
Elizabeth Reed 25 päivää sitten
Your never gonna get this but-there’s a bald eagles nest on my property , and I named one of them cleetus, there are ones a female and ones still young and can’t tell it’s sex. . Anyway it’s fun cuz when I hear them screaming I go “there’s ole cleeter”. Awesome man.
Justin S
Justin S 25 päivää sitten
All this extra room, u could almost find a way to get a hood on it.
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis 25 päivää sitten
Rips a Turbo Lambo "GAAWW LEE" - Cleetus Mcfarland
TheManBearPig 25 päivää sitten
Bald Eagles Kill Communists!
mark im
mark im 25 päivää sitten
Opps 5 runs laters it hits the cones sideways due to oil from a rear catch can over flow under boost..
Michael McKinney
Michael McKinney 25 päivää sitten
See you in Indy...
JT Parker
JT Parker 25 päivää sitten
When is kills bee getting a run she is and animal
Murphd4wg 25 päivää sitten
was that dave from DDE's huracan?
Mike Hiler
Mike Hiler 25 päivää sitten
Everyone these days have yo wait on parts lol
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